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Shawn Greene

April 8, 2015: Sales Repair Kit

There are a handful of things consultants do to undermine their sales success, often without realizing it.

Many of us act on unrealistic expectations, which generates push-back from prospects and frustration for ourselves. Too many avoid the phone, unwilling to project an unprofessional image.

Quite a few have trouble managing sales conversations; jumping from topic to topic, getting mired in the weeds, and talking at prospects instead of talking with them.It’s also common to avoid asking the very questions we need to qualify prospects and close new business.

And, due to a quirk in communication,we often handle the wrong objection…leaving the real issue alive and kicking.

In this lively program, you’ll learn practical ways to fix and prevent each of these common errors.

About Our Speaker
Our sales repairwoman is Shawn Greene, a prospecting and sales expert with nearly thirty years experience. Shawn leads Savage and Greene, a sales training company, and is author of, “I’d rather have a root canal than do cold calling!”

Shawn is well-known for providing grounded advice in consultative style telemarketing and selling. Her no-nonsense approach and humorous style make it easy for consultants with all levels of experience to stretch, refresh, and learn.
April 08, 2015
7:15 AM – 10:00 AM



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