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Steven Campbell

May 13, 2015: Mentoring Your Mind

A BFO is coming to Danville

For the first time, a BFO will be striking Danville, and it’s expected to make a direct hit on the Tri-Valley Consultants Forum. BFO stands for “Blinding Flash of the Obvious”. That’s what his students call Steven Campbell’s seminar titled “Mentoring Your Mind for Marketing.” This is a seminar he has been teaching for twenty years on a university level, and now teaches to businesses around America.

Did you know that while I am talking to you, you are talking to yourself hundreds of times faster, and that your brain is believing everything you are telling it…without question? So when you say, “I hate marketing!” your brain simply agrees, and then makes sure you do!

However … when you say “Marketing is not only part of my business, but the part I enjoy the most,” your brain agrees just as quickly, and then looks for ways for to makes this true in your mind. In addition, when you lock onto this new message, your brain actually re-wires itself, so it becomes a part of the way you think. (This is called “neuroplasticity.”)

After writing his third book, Making Your Mind Magnificent, Steven now conducts seminars on how we can change what we say TO ourselves ABOUT ourselves … TODAY!

May 13, 2015
7:15 AM – 10:00 AM