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September 13, 2017: Boost Your Brand Power Through Your LinkedIn Profile

In this practical and informative presentation, Sandra will share why you can’t ignore the world’s largest business network and how to use LinkedIn to receive positive attention from business associates, clients, and prospects.

Learn how to effectively market yourself and your business with LinkedIn. It all starts with you – your personal, brand, your authenticity, and your credibility. Understand the difference between the numbers game and a meaningful network. Sandra will also address the recent changes to LinkedIn and how they affect you.

Meet our speaker
Sandra Clark, LinkedIn Mentoring, offers coaching and consulting services to help busy professionals build their online brand and showcase their expertise by creating great profiles on LinkedIn. Sandra started her career as a teacher and theatre director before moving into educational administration, working for the University of California system (both UC Berkeley Extension and UCSC Extension) providing corporate training to Silicon Valley for 25 years before starting her own company.

September 13, 2017
7:15 – 10:00 am

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