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February 10, 2016: The Art of Sales Questioning!

Research shows there are two factors that differentiate the best sales people from the rest: The ability to ask impactful business questions and listening.

When we sell to customers we must understand our customers requirements. By asking better questions in a structured way, you can truly understand their wants and needs. In doing so, you can align your product or service with their needs and articulate the value.

Customers expect sales people to implicitly know their business. Asking impactful questions allows you to gain a deep understanding. This will enhance your reputation and that of your company. At the same time, this differentiates you, your company and your product or services from the competition.

About our speaker:
Chris Stock is a business leader with 25 years of sales experience leading highly effective sales teams. He has an unrivaled reputation as a sales force change agent, consulting with senior executives, coaching sales leaders and training sales people. He works with some of the largest global brands including Google, BMW and Fujitsu to name just a few.

Chris understands what it takes to be an entrepreneur and run a small business, so whilst he enjoys the corporate landscape, Chris is passionate about working with Entrepreneurs and small businesses. Chris has created a highly effective on-line video based sales training platform for small businesses, so you can Nail That Sale.

February 10, 2016
7:15 AM – 10:00 AM

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