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September 14, 2016: When Does the Business of Consulting Get Easy?

Really … does the business of consulting get easy? Jim Horan, former Fortune 500 executive and subsequent creator of the revolutionary The One Page Business Plan® says YES, it does get easier!

In this session he will share how he went from a struggling career changer to creating an international planning and performance management solutions company with over 600 consultants and cloud-based software. In this workshop you will learn at least 50 little and big things that will not only make your consulting life easier … but make your practice more profitable, sustainable and fun!

Here’s a partial list of subjects Jim will cover:

  1. Learn why being a lone ranger is not only a bad idea, but unnecessary.
  2. Learn how limiting your consulting services to only what you love to do and what you are great at eliminates 99% of the stress of selling.
  3. Learn that having clear boundaries on how, where and who you will work not only minimizes the possibility of ever having a client from hell again, but will actually make it easier for others to introduce and refer you.
  4. How converting your services into products not only creates passive income … it makes it easier for your target market to understand what you do! PS: It is easier than you might imagine.
  5. Still struggle with pricing? Learn how to put together a menu of services that completely eliminates the awkwardness of talking price.

Jim is a frequent speaker at TVCF. His sessions are always full of practical, proven tips and techniques that will help you take your consulting practice to the next level of success… and he always shares his mistakes so you do not have to make them.

Jim Horan is Founder/President of The One Page Business Plan Company, an international consulting firm specializing in planning and performance management systems.

Reserve September 14th. This event is a great opportunity to learn from a humble local guy who took a simple idea and turned it into a great international consulting business.

September 14, 2016
7:15 AM – 10:00 AM

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