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March 14, 2018: Risk Protection Strategies For Successful Small Business Owners

This workshop will walk through some risk management basics:

  • How to uncover, analyze and prioritize your key business risks;
  • What protection strategies might work best to avoid surprises; and
  • How to minimize the impacts of losses with contingency plans.

Then we will cover insurance coverage and broker issues – both the basics, and some of the more exotic or complex policies.

  • Getting the right broker for your business
  • Encouraging great service
  • Telling your story so insurers really understand your approach to risks
  • Avoiding coverage gaps and overlaps

We will work with a detailed handout. And there will be additional materials available to help attendees thoroughly understand this critical, and very complex protection for their business survival.

About our speaker:

Charles T. Wilson is a speaker, confidential advisor, risk consultant, and insurance specialist – who does not sell insurance!

He works with business owners and executives who want to ensure their protection and contingency plans are as strong as their products and customer service.

His goal is to inspire executives to take charge of their organization’s protection with his unique and objective insights into business risk assessment, loss prevention, and insurance. He’s been on both sides – and knows the insurance industry thought-process, as well as the vital small-business need for practical, effective solutions.

March 14, 2018
7:15 – 10:00 am

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